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Creating an even Green Screen

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Having an uneven green screen may lead to a lot of extra work down the line of a compositing process. Follow these steps to ensure that you start your composite workflow with the cleanest green screen possible.

[Denoise] the footage

  • Sample area for denoise

Use [Keylight] to create a solid core matte. Don't worry about the background.

  • Sample Screen Color

  • Toggle with Screen Balance, Clip White, and Screen Despot Black

[Invert] the footage

From [Denoise], use [IBKColour] to create a solid black object sitting inside the original object

  • Change screen type to green

  • Reduce blur size (start with 5)

  • Analyze the RGB channels and adjust dark and light to create a solid black patch (0.04)

  • erode and patch black till solid black object sits the original


Copy [keylight] and [invert] from above and [divide] the two [invert]

  • The goal is to divide the background to get a solid white

  • Since black= 0 the black object in front is not affected

[Shuffle] the alpha to RGB


Create negative luminance of the original

  • Create [Constant] from green sample

  • Have the [Constant] [minus] [IBKColour]

[Multiply] with the [Shuffle] to generate a correction plate and [plus] to the original

Final result

Full node graph

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